UOSM2022 Week 2

During the course of week 2 myself and my teammates have been looking into the causes and wider landscape surrounding mental health. This involved gathering data to identify the scale of the issue and attempt to quantify what this meant for the university. The main issue we faced this week was regarding the scale of information available. Whilst there were general UK wide statistics we struggled to pinpoint the exact figures relating to the University of Southampton. As such we have to speculate to a certain extent and can only go on old data which we believe is conservative about the scale of mental health and those who are known to be suffering. One approach to resolve this would be through submitting a freedom of information request however due to time constraints we would be highly unlikely to receive a response before the end of the module. The data which we had managed to collate showed that 85% of students suffer from mental health issues and after brainstorming all possible causes the overarching theme comes back to stress caused relating to a variety of factors including financial difficulty, peer pressure and independence.


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