UOSM 2022 Week 1

Why I chose this module and what skills I would like to develop


I have chosen the module ‘Social Enterprise’ as it will allow for better understanding of the operations of enterprises which can be directly related to my dissertation. Although I am a Politics student there are many social enterprises being formed to fill the gap where governments fail and as such I believe that they are a key component of the political system and its operation.

Based on the skills outlined in the module guide I believe I have strong skills in working within and leading a team as well as creating and presenting new ideas. I would however like to work at being more open to compromise as I understand myself to at times be seen as a little stubborn and this is something which I would like to soften and utilise for positive benefit. I also believe that, as is the case with everyone, that I am not perfect and I hope that other weaknesses will be uncovered and that I will have the opportunity to learn from these to enhance my skills both as an individual and as a team member.


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