UOSM 2022 Week 9 – Preparing the pitch

Week 9 was the final week before we had to pitch our solution to an expert panel and as such this week was devoted to writing the pitch, preparing answers for questions and rehearsals. We had managed to complete all other activities prior to this so were in a strong position.

In order to write a pitch which contained all the key information we ran an exercise where we each tries to pitch each section within 30 seconds and then had to self evaluate what information was either unnecessary or had been missed out. Between us, we felt this would allow the pitch to be focussed and all key information to be included.

Once wwe had written the pitch we cut it down to under 6 minutes as we realised that we should build in time to slow down and show emotion at key points. This gave us a 60 second buffer if necessary. This technique proved successful in rehearsals and each team member chose a section so that everyone would have a contribution on the day


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