UOSM 2022 Week 8

During week 8 we completed our model for the Theory of Change by inputting outputs and measurements. This meant that the model was completed and as such the value proposition of our solution was clear and easily presentable. During this final stage we went back and made minor tweaks to the inputs in order to create a model where the inputs were directly attributable to the outcomes.

The main challenge we faced this week was in deciding on the most reliable way of collecting data to measure the success. Although we could run surveys and feedback ratings through the app it is hard to say (betyond being self defined) of any benefit in the university environment. We therefore concluded that a strong partnership with the university would be essential so as to measure the level of individuals seeking help for financial anxiety both before and after the launch of the app. Beyond this we are confident tat the inputs will achieve the desired outcome and have altered the app accordingly to increase the useful functionality.


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