UOSM 2022 Week 7

This week we looked at the Theory of Change and all of the inputs and activities required for our solution to be effective. We started by identifying the activities required before looking ant the resources. Our one key issue this week is that we had underestimated the resources required (from development costs for the app to legal protection over data security) and as such this required significant research so as to identify the exact level of capital and time required.

Not only did we look at short term resources but also long term as any solution should br sustainable and able to have significant benefit over time. To this end, we drew up a comprehensive schedule of activities and associated coatings/resources required for both the first year and subsequent years after that. We also identified that our app could be rolled out across multiple university cities and as such we have conceived a feasible expansion plan that would see minimum additional input so as to reach the widest possible user base possible and as such seek to maximise the benefits of the solution.


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