UOSM 2022 Week 11 -The Feedback

The feedback received after the presentation has most certainly been useful for the purpose of writing the associated report. It was good to have positive comments relating to how well we understood th problem and how our solution would bring benefit to students in reducing the risk of financial anxiety. It was however also useful to have comments suggesting where further information could be provided showing that we hadn’t quite hit the mark in every aspect of the presentation. This we had suspected as seven minutes is not long to pitch such a large solution along with the context and environment however our marks who that we had prioritised correctly and this translated to the panel.

It was also positive to see that we worked well as a team and managed to share responsibility. Although there were occasions where the workload was a little unbalanced, which lead to a few late nights, I would rather this be the case and a successful solution is produced rather than to pitch something a little lacklustre. Overall this module has been a positive experience and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to understand the models behind social enterprises further.



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