UOSM 2022 Week 10 – The Pitch

If I had to pick one negative point arising from the pitch it would be that the pre-prepared answers were not used as certain anticipated questions were not asked. This would probably be an effective evaluation of writing a pitch with open ended sections designed to prompt questions and I think I could do this more effectively in the future. The questions were however useful and were focussed towards the key benefits to students which we had already highlighted as an area which might need elaboration.
All out team members presented in a clear manner and had taken time to learn their respective sections so that there was more engagement with both the panel and the audience. It was however a huge surprise to win the class vote for the best pitch and made the ;ate nights and last minute alterations worthwhile. It was exhilarating to be able to pitch an idea which had been born over a period of two months and that had grown as a result of hard work and dedication from all team members and was a rewarding experience.



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