UOSM 2022 Week 6

The main focus of this week was mapping our solution to the theory of change model
I feel that the main issue to over§come revolves around focussing on our solution and creating a USP. There are many existing apps to help with budgeting however none address students directly and so implementation of student based ideas will be key. I feel that now we have separated outputs and outcomes the path to creation and implementation is clearer. We now need to focus on developing a mock up of the app whilst bearing in mind our beneficiaries (Southampton uni students)
However, there is one key problem with using technology to solve a problem which is access to the technology we are creating. Not every student owns a smartphone and it may also be difficult to market across the varying communities within the university. This is the main strategic aim for next week in order to have the maximum potential benefit whilst being ass inclusive as possible.


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