UOSM 2022 Week 5

This week involved moving on to the Conceive stage of the project. The main issue we faced this week revolved around narrowing down our option of topic from mental health to preventing financial stress whilst at university. Once we’d overcome this hurdle the brainstorming phase began to take off quite quickly with several ideas being floated around. The main challenge coming up is collectively deciding on the solution and what form we’d like this to take.

Looking back at the find phase I feel that I have developed my team work skills in several key areas. Firstly, and I feel most prominently was collaborative research which is something that had not previously come naturally to me. However, I had a strong supportive team whose research was thorough and as such made the collective learning process a smooth and rewarding one. Secondly and to a lesser degree I have learnt to exert less authority which is a natural trait. Instead I now adopt a more passive approach although this could also be down to having a group who turn up and are keen to get stuck into the work that needs doing.


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