Goodbye to USOM2003 – Hello to the World Wide Web

I have always felt like I have a high tech literacy rate, however, I have always been a hay person and this has made putting my views online a significant challenge. I used to hide behind a digital wall as even my photography website allowed me to show my work without revealing myself. That is why I chose UOSM2033 and if I were to take one thing away from this module it would be the gain in self-confidence that it has given me.

This is a selection of photos from my website, two of which have won awards

The first topic of the module on digital residents and visitors has helped my analyse how I have grown my online presence over the last fourteen weeks. A shell of a LinkedIn profile is now up to date with all relevant information and my own personal website is ready for publishing. What daunted me about LinkedIn was how to portray myself online but the second topic on multiple identities has lead me to develop a more professional profile whilst keeping relevant information visible across all my online profiles.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

My website home page

During topics three and four I focussed heavily on the idea of social media vetting by potential employers. The statistics that I uncovered surprised me as it transpired that between 75% and 95% of potential employers vet candidates online. This has completely changed my opinion of the importance of maintaining an up to date and true profile and is something that I will spend more time focusing on in the future. Most recently I have been connecting on LinkedIn with individuals who I meet at social occasions as building up your network seems to be an increasingly important process.


Since the module began I have also set aside time to tighten my Facebook privacy settings. Although most content was only available to friends or friends of friends I used the view tool to view my profile as if I were viewing it for the first time. I discovered my privacy settings were as I’d thought however, I wanted my profile to look professional in case any potential employers are trying to gather information about me.

I have learnt the most throughout this module by reading the blogs of my peers of this course, the accumulation of ideas has lead to many a conversation both through comments and social media. This has increased my confidence in chatting to people that I don’t know and has aided me considerably when writing the individual topic reflections.

The tools I have learnt to use have also been invaluable. I have already used Piktochart to create info graphics for personal use and I now feel confident using video creation tools such as pontoon. The shirt video above has a few pieces if information about me and was my first introduction to online video editing software.

Saying goodbye to UOSM2033 is something I am not taking lightly and has been invaluable in broadening my horizons in regards to maintaining a professional profile which will hopefully aid me in finding gainful employment after university.


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