Reflection: Open access – A fiction of our imagination?

The topic of open access to resources is increasingly important with increasing access fees and increased use of the internet as a learning platform. From reading other posts I now further understand the complex issues surrounding how authors pay to have their materials published and from where an income will come. My knowledge of re-use rights is also a lot greater than before this topic and I believe that this plays an important role in open access and how resources are used for learning. This again relates to how resources are provided and at what cost which is why schemes such as open educational resources funded collectively by institutions such as universities.

I did also take the idea of open access never being a true reality with hidden catches and this is something that did not appear in many of the posts that I have read and so is something that I will further research.

I decided to write about how free resources can lead to purchases of premium services and this idea was supported by Arun’s blog, which although I did not comment on, supported my case for generating income in this way.

On Xiaulu blog I questioned how those in countries with limited access to technology access these resources and whether this limited access may further increase the gap in education levels between countries.

When it came to reading Nicole’s blog I felt that she had laid out her arguments clearly however I was left wondering whether increased availability for resources would decrease the level of students undertaking further education. After researching this I discovered that it has as the number of people studying through the open university has seen a significant decrease in recent years.


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