Reflection: Discrimination, social media and getting a job

This topic on social media and ethics could go in many different directions and as such a large area has been covered by different posts.

I personally took the approach of employers vetting candidates through social media as this is a subject that has veer increasing relevance especially to us as students who will soon be looking for employment.

I was surprised to learn that 77% of companies now use social media to vet candidates and the more I read into the topic the more I began to realise the ethical issues that arise in terms of judging an individual based on how they freely express themselves rather than their professional personality which could be entirely different.

Forum reading others blogs I learnt a lot about celebrities and how they may promote their social profiles but expect privacy in return. I don’t believe that these can easily come hand in hand and as with many issues of this scale there must be an optimal balance between them. In Tom’s blog he used clear examples such as Kim Kardashian who can handle loss of privacy but then gives out information to armed robbers. In my comment I pointed out that any information which you wouldn’t want in the public domain probably shouldn’t be uploaded somewhere where there is a risk of it being seen by those who aren’t intended to access it.

In Nik’s blog however I felt that he focussed on celebrities and the rights that they should have but then didn’t relate this to the average user of social media. I questioned whether he believed that these groups should be treated differently in regards to their privacy and who should have access to information.

Overall I found this topic to be extremely engaging and is something that I will continue to read around in the foreseeable future.


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