Refoection – topic 3 – creating an authentic professional profile which represents you

This third topic of building an authentic professional profile was something that I felt lead on well from the previous topic of online identities. A professional profile was something that if feel I could have elaborated on in topic 2 so this was a good opportunity to do so. One of the most surprising discoveries for me was the great extent to which LinkedIn is used for advertising jobs and finding employees. I always believed it to be an important actor in the jib hunting process but I never believed it would be used to that extent.
The one area of this topic that makes me feel disappointed is the fact that many people are hiding their true identities online in lieu of creating a more professional profile. Whilst maintaining authentic facts the personality of an individual can be warped to anyone viewing their profile.
The issue of authenticity is a concern to employers as many people are prone to exaggerating their abilities. This is something that I commented upon when reading Nicole’s post and is an idea that should be kept in mind when writing a CV or online biography on sites such as LinkedIn.
After reading Davina’s blog I have started to realise that differentiation is almost as important as keeping a profile both authentic and professional. She had commented elsewhere that she has a YouTube channel and with 15% of recruiters using it as a recruitment platform i am now questioning whether I should be doing something extra to further my profile. I am in fact in the process of building a blog for wine reviews which will hopefully be updated with content before the end of November,
On the whole we must be careful what we post online and in what way we allow this to affect how we come across. The Internet is constantly growing and with it we should grow our profiles Ina positive and engaging manner.


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