Online identities – a reflection

The matter of how our identities are translated online is something that has always puzzled me. It isn’t possible to create an opinion of yourself online in the same way in which someone who doesn’t know you may perceive you.
This topic has allowed me to further explore the way in which we can be identified online and how important that may be. I wasn’t so much surprised to learn that Of employers in the US look at online profiles before making a decision in whether to employ someone. Figures like these do however emphasise how important it can be to have a profile from which someone should hopefully be able to form a positive opinion.
From reading others blogs I was introduced to the term catfishing. Since this I have watched the film Catfish and it puts into context the real issue that this can create and how fake online profiles can have detrimental effects on people’s life’s and mental wellbeing.
However, as Kevin and I agreed in our blogs having multiple identities can be a string benefit. I did however feel that Kevin forgot to mention the fact that there is no necessity to give out details about ourselves such as our interests and instead it is something that we choose to do even though we are prompted to do so by sites such as Facebook.
As I commented on Harry’s post, the idea that ‘privacy has been privatised’ can be strongly argued against as we agree to information sharing and gathering through cookies and terms and conditions.
As such I feel that I will continue to be cautious with the information that I publish online however, I won’t let this change my use of social media.y one issue with this topic is that 400 words is not enough to fully explore every avenue of our identities however, it is a useful skill to be able to condense the information.


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