Reflection: Are you a digital resident?

Before undertaking this module I knew very little about digital visitors and residents. I have however learnt a lot about the topic from reading the work of Prensky and White. I have always been confident using technology for work and leisure but I had never thought of engaging in blogging as a means of online learning. Since the start if the module I already feel more confident about expressing my opinions online and as such I am currently working on developing my own personal blog.

I was pleased with the feedback on my first post as the majority of comments stated how my arguments were clear and the examples used such as the union rebrand made it easy to relate to. I did however fail to mention the counterargument for young people from low socio-economic backgrounds. These young people may not have access to the Internet at home but increased digital learning in schools means that they still have exposure.

From reading other peoples blogs I was interested to see the different approach that people had taken. Therefore on Arun’s blog I was able to comment in the clarity of the arguments however, I could also point out that the concepts of residents and visitors are extremes and as such there should be some sort of scale between them.

For my comment on Davina’s blog is was able to say that I felt her use of media made the post a lot more engaging and made for an easy but equally informative read. I did however feel that at times the answer could have linked back to the question a little more and again I mentioned that these two categories are either end of the spectrum and that individuals may place themselves somewhere in in between resident and visitor


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